Decorative mastectomy tattoos

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Decorative mastectomy tattoos

Hi Everyone!

My name is Fernanda Rodriguez, I am a Research Master student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I am working on my MSc Thesis. I wish to conduct a study regarding the motivations and decision-making process of women to get decorative tattoos over their scars after a mastectomy (examples:

I was wondering if any of you have tattoos like this? If so, I was hoping for you to allow me to interview you (short interview). The study is only for academic purposes and anonymous (so your name doesn’t have to be in the paper if they don't want to). But I do think that this is a very relevant project that needs to be in the limelight! 

I could really use your help. So, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Contact Info: 

Phone number (and Whatsapp): +31 637093313

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Hi Fernanda, 

To protect our participants, we prefer requests like these to be communicated to the moderators in advance. We get quite a few requests like these, and hardly ever get feedback after the study from the students. 

As the study is anonymous, I will leave it online for now. It sounds like an interesting study though. 

I have considered getting a tattoo, but have not decided yet. 

Kind regards, 


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Hi Linda, 

Oh, I am sorry. I was not aware, if there is something that I can do please let me know. But if you can help me I'd really appreciate it! 



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I have tattoo's where once my breasts were. But I only want to communicate by e-mail - not face to face and not by phone.

The tattoo's were specially made/designed for me so they are exclusive.