Eerste internationale richtlijn jonge vrouwen en bk

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Eerste internationale richtlijn jonge vrouwen en bk

First international consensus guidelines for breast cancer in young women (BCY1) Original Research Article, Pages 209-220 Ann H. Partridge, Olivia Pagani, Omalkhair Abulkhair, Stefan Aebi, Frédéric Amant, Hatem A. Azim, Alberto Costa, Suzette Delaloge, Gloria Freilich, Oreste Davide Gentilini, Nadia Harbeck, Catherine M. Kelly, Sibylle Loibl, Dror Meirow, Fedro Peccatori, Bella Kaufmann, Fatima Cardoso

"Treatment of breast cancer in young women is not substantially different from other age groups because loco-regional and systemic therapy recommendations are mainly based on the stage and biology of the tumor, both in the early and advanced disease setting. However, management of these women must emphasize and address different issues specific to their age and life situation. Fertility and pregnancy-related issues are confined to this age group; long-term toxicities of treatment and psychosocial problems (i.e. long-term quality of life and cosmetic outcomes) are also age specific. The panel outlined the unmet needs of young patients with breast cancer: all efforts should be made globally by the research community (academia, pharmaceutical industries, independent funding sources, advocacy groups) to develop research programs encompassing the specificities of breast cancer in young women, overcoming the lack of statistical power and possible prejudices of the scientific community. Additionally, prospectively planned subgroup analyses in trials across age groups may add important knowledge and thus help to improve management in young women.

In the routine clinical practice, the culture of multidisciplinary management and care is strongly recommended to avoid a dogmatic standard of practice and the risk of overtreatment. The role of patient advocacy for this age group is also crucial, particularly for dissemination of information and knowledge."

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