Science's doorbraak van het jaar: kanker immunotherapie

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Science's doorbraak van het jaar: kanker immunotherapie

"This year marks a turning point in cancer, as long-sought efforts to unleash the immune system against tumors are paying off—even if the future remains a question mark.

... this year, clinical trials have cemented its potential in patients and swayed even the skeptics. The field hums with stories of lives extended: the woman with a grapefruit-size tumor in her lung from melanoma, alive and healthy 13 years later; the 6-year-old near death from leukemia, now in third grade and in remission; the man with metastatic kidney cancer whose disease continued fading away even after treatment stopped.


For physicians accustomed to losing every patient with advanced disease, the numbers bring a hope they couldn't have fathomed a few years ago. For those with metastatic cancer, the odds remain long. Today's immunotherapies don't help everyone, and researchers are largely clueless as to why more don't benefit. They are racing to identify biomarkers that might offer answers and experimenting with ways to make therapies more potent. It's likely that some cancers will not yield to immunotherapy for many years, if ever.

Even in the fluid state oncology now finds itself, this much is certain: One book has closed, and a new one has opened. How it will end is anyone's guess."

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Bedankt voor het plaatsen, Bergamot. Ik las het vanmorgen ook in de Volkskrant. Elke stap vooruit is er één. Al weten ze nog niet hoe en wat. Biedt toch weer een sprankje hoop voor de mensen met uitzaaiingen!