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Het verhaal van noelle rizzato

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Hello Lieve and Dear Friends!

Ik spreek ook Nederlands maar maak te veel fouten.... So I will share in English but feel free to use Dutch, French, Italian too.


I am a work in progress, a human, woman, friend, daughter, sister, mother of 2 beautiful girls (26 Tess, 20 Giada), I am a partner too and live happily with the love of my life in Leersum (after 28 years with 3 divorces)....

I am also a plant-based 'passionate' Chef, 'wholisitc' therapist/researcher, poet at my secret hours, .....and I met with cancer in my earlier 40, I had probably always felt it happening since it is known that it takes longer to be visible....and diagnosed, and I had taken long too before I had gathered the courage to really take it in hands in a drastic manner.....for ...for me allopathic medicine always felt incomplete and pretty aggressive.  

I took a path to marry medicines, and at the time in Switzerland, I was advised to go for a full package the only aspect of the menu I refused was hormonal therapy as I was feeling too awful already....and I added inner work, healing work, nutrition, name it all alone and by myself as I had studied for decades before.....

I also took running with the wolves (if you know what I mean and the work and book by Pinkola Estes), by reinventing myself, daring to make big steps and taking on my dreams (California, raw vegan culinary certification, new marriage, new divorce later, back to Europe....and the finding of my big-big love met when I was 19 !!!!)....still in process, still in progress always in inner and outer work and feeling that the side effects of the allopathic is finally wearing off..... 

I am still asking myself many things, next to what I manage to do for the promotion of my health ( I follow the work from a number of great doctors and manage to eat really healthy) but.... there is still and always room for improvement, breathing, rooting, relaxing, mind work, nature, exercise.....all in progress for a 360 landscape/journey/life....

so I go on asking and looking for what to do now with my amazone still round-side (right breast)....and what could be the possible next steps....maybe so reconstruction but rather a getting very small or almost flat....and dreaming of beautifying my body.....with maybe some special tattoo....ooooohhhh am afraid of new pain will see...that could bring even more sense and art, and healing further...

I respect all choices from others and wish to be inspired, share sisterhood, tenderness, support, name it.....

For today....I pause....sending love and kind greetings,





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Welkom hier Noelle. Je hebt heel wat achter de rug. Ik denk dat veel van ons zich bewuster zijn gaan worden van hun leefstijl en voeding. Proberen met minder stress te leven en gezonder te gaan eten. Je wil graag grip hebben op iets waar je geen grip op hebt. Maar dat is niet altijd even gemakkelijk.  Ik hoop dat je wat steun vindt hier. 

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Hoi Noelle,

Welkom hier!

Lastig om te kiezen wat je wilt met je borst, reconstructie, tattoo, misschien wel niks. De tijd zal het leren en er staat natuurlijk geen tijd voor. Wanneer jij eraan toe bent. Het komt vanzelf....of niet. Het is allemaal goed.